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S gauge layout

Johnson City Press: Carter Railroad Museum Dec. 31 exhibit features region’s best

These engines were painted in historically-derived schemes similar to the ones featured on the predecessor lines, like the Interstate, Southern, Wabash and Central of Georgia. The model trains running at the museum will include steam engines from the past and the Heritage-style modern diesels. The museum has honored this company, which still runs trains through downtown Johnson City, since the start of the Heritage Days program, noted event coordinator Geoff Stunkard. This was a great way to bring them to the forefront and should be a fun activity as New Years Eve entertainment for the family. The George L. Also, you might possibly enjoy this, take a look: rail transport at this time there is definitely lots of helpful G scale trains relevant media on the subject of the S scale trains subject matter for the most part, with targeted focus around the G scale trains.Carter Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and members of the Mountain Empire Model Railroaders club are developing the program on the clubs large 24×44 1:87 HO scale layout, one of four model lines that are housed in the museum. The Carter Railroad Museum is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free, but donations are welcomed. The museum can be identified by a flashing railroad crossing signal at the back entrance to the Campus Center Building. Visitors should enter ETSUs campus from State of Franklin Road onto Jack Vest Drive and continue east to 176 Ross Drive, adjacent to the flashing RR crossing sign. To learn more about the museum, visit

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Saga of Ashtabula train disaster endures after 140 years (photos, videos) |

They chronicle a story that spawned a possible murder mystery and prompted positive changes to both Ashtabula and railroad bridge construction. The saga began when the Pacific Express was battling a howling blizzard on its evening run from Buffalo to Cleveland, with 11 rail cars carrying about 160 passengers and crew. As the two engines, named Socrates and Columbia, approached the end of the iron bridge about 7:30 p.m., the engineer of the lead locomotive heard a loud, sickening crack and felt his engine sliding back. He gave Socrates full steam, and the locomotive made it to the west abutment of the bridge, but its coupling tore free of the trailing engine and train. The bridge collapsed, taking the rest of the train with it in a rumbling crash that could be heard a half-mile away. Rail cars flipped and tumbled, smashing into a tangled pile of wheels, splintered wood and twisted steel. One survivor reported hearing loud cracking sounds, then a sinking, weightless feeling as his car dropped and hit bottom. Frightened shrieks rose from the wreckage. Some fortunate survivors broke out the windows of passenger cars to escape, while others were pinned in the destruction. Fires erupted from overturned oil lamps and stoves used to heat the cars. “High winds caused the flames to spread rapidly until the entire wreck was an inferno. Agonizing screams intensified as trapped souls faced cremation,” Jane Ann Turzillo wrote in her 2014 book, “Ohio Train Disasters” (The History Press).

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